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Livermore Referee Association

P.O. Box 54
Livermore, CA 94550-0054

The Livermore Referee Association exists to provide a structure for people to learn how to be a referee for youth soccer as well as provide qualified referees for local youth soccer games to the best of our ability.

Join LRA Today Become a Referee LARPD TURF LINE - (925) 373-5700

LRA Monthly Meeting

Our October meeting details will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

LRA monthly meetings are held at the Livermore Public Library. Click here for directions.

(Archive of prior meetings are here.)  

Already a Ref and want to join LRA? Click Here

Updated on October 1, 2015

Save the Date!

Ghouls & Goals Tournament - October 24-25, 2015

Attention all referees! Save the date! Livermore Fusion will be hosting its 4th Annual Ghouls and Goals Tournament on October 24/25 weekend, and we need your help! The schedule will be posted soon.

U8, U9, U10, U11, Boys & Girls Premier and Gold Teams will be competing.

Lunch will be provided and gifts will be given!

Updated on October 1, 2015

NorCal Premier Updated Rules

Number of officials for U9-U11 games

Clubs have the following options for assigning referees to their U9-U11 games.
  • One referee and two-club lines man.
  • Three referees.
  • One referee.
**Please note that we no longer allow any club to assign TWO MAN system.

In the event that assignor has assigned 3 referees and one does not show up then the crew must ask for help for a club linesman and one of the two registered referees must step up to be the referee of the match. This incidence MUST be reported to the assignor/coordinator.

National Premier League (NPL)
  • The main change this season is that the NO-ENTRY in the first half and only one re-entry in the second half now extends to ALL AGE GROUPS U14-U19.
  • EVERY NPL match must have an International Walk Out unless due to delay of the previous matches we are running out of time, which in that case, the walk out may be waved.
  • I am very much aware that every season, you MAY be approached by both coaches about waving the substitution rules of no-reentry in the first half.
    Your answer should be NO. These teams are being held to higher standard for playing in this league and they MUST comply with no exceptions.

Updated on September 4, 2015

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Tournaments & League Matches

Upcoming tournaments are around the corner! Keep an eye out for emails and announcements from LRA!


  • August 8-9, Ages 9-14
  • September 26-27, TBA
  • October 24-25, TBA
  • November 14-15, House
  • Fall Youth – August 22, Fusion House / Rec
  • Fall Youth – September 12, Fusion Premier
  • Fall Youth – TBA, West Coast Premier


  • July 17-19, College Showcase
  • August 8-9, Ballistic

    Danville (Mustang)

  • August 1-3, Boys / Girls U9 - U11 Stampede
  • August 8-10, Girls U12 - U15 Stampede
  • August 21-23, Boys U12 - U15 Stampede


  • August 1-2, Adult Coed


  • September, TBA
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    Referee Links

    Send off Forms & Reports

    Access the most current key forms for referees that we are aware of at this time.

    Forms →


    Rules for various leagues and levels of play are available. Including governing body and organization web links.

    Rules →

    Weather & Field Conditions

    Worried about rain or other possible unsafe conditions? Start your preparation BEFORE game time.

    Weather & Fields →

    Rank & Mentor

    To be eligible for youth games, you must be registered for 2015; some State Cup games are going on now.

    Rank & Mentor →


    To be eligible for youth games, you must be registered for 2015; some State Cup games are going on now.

    Rates →

    News & Highlights


    July state referee academy, west region will be held at California High School in San Ramon on Saturday, July 11, 2015.

    Register Online →

    This training event is FREE. No cost to participants. Lunch provided ONLY to those that pre-register online.

    Read more at www.cnra.net

    Updated on June 19, 2015

    International Walk On (NPL Matches)

    For all NorCal NPL games, the game must start with a Basic International Walk On.

    + Read More

    Updated on May 1, 2015

    Register for 2015

    To be eligible for youth games, you must be registered for 2015; some State Cup games are going on now.

    Updated on January 15, 2015

    LRA News & Highlights

    This page has all LRA News & Highlights.

    Check it out →

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    Referee Feedback

    Feedback is already reviewed and acted upon as appropriate. If you have feedback on the Livermore Referee Association or any of our referees, please send an email to:

    LRA Vice President:


    If your feedback is on a particular referee or incident, please be factual, as complete as you can and include dates, times, location, and anything else that will help us understand the situation quickly and be timely in our response.


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    Leagues of Interest

    Fusion Soccer Club (youth)

    West Coast Soccer Club

    Women's Professional Soccer League (WPSL)
    (Two local teams in Livermore West Coast Wildkatz and Dublin Breeze.)

    Men's National Team (MNT)

    Women's National Team (WMT)

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    International Walk On

    For all NorCal NPL games, the game must start with an International Walk On. Leagues, and possibly LRA, are fined for NPL games that do not start off with this activity. This is an easy activity to do 5-10 minutes BEFORE game start. Confirm with the coaches well before so they are prepared. If the both coaches decide they don't want to do the walk on, that is fine.

    For the basic steps of an International Walk On, click here.

    For a video of how in International Walk On should look, click here.