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[This page was last updated: Sunday, April 26, 2015 04:53 PM ]

Spring Soccer is Here!

  • Next LRA Membership meeting is Monday, April 27 at 7pm at the Livermore Library, 1188 South Livermore in Community Room. There are always snacks. Please come and ask questions as well as share your thoughts. This is a collaborative meeting.

    • Samantha Moos (National Grade 4 and long time LRA referee) discusses fitness and the Academy program

    • Officer updates

    • Assigning updates

    • Open Forum - Member feedback on Spring Season

  • International Walk On - For all NorCal NPL games, the game must start with an International Walk On. Leagues, and possibly LRA, are fined for NPL games that do not start off with this activity. This is an easy activity to do 5-10 minutes BEFORE game start. Confirm with the coaches well before so they are prepared. If the both coaches decide they don't want to do the walk on, that is fine. For the basic steps of an International Walk On, click here. For a video of how in International Walk On should look, click here.

  • Spring games start now in March! Check GameOfficials for self-assignment. Rules for FSC 5v5 U8-U12 Rec are here.

  • Thank you all for your support in one of our busiest years yet, 2014. The 2014 Year End Pizza and Recognition Party was held on Dec 1. The recognitions and election details are available here. Agenda: Spring Season - How to handle Dissent - Application of offside and handling - Tracking your refereeing like a business - LRA update

  • We strongly encourage you to sign up for GOpay to get paid electronically by LRA.

  • REGISTER FOR 2015 to be eligible for youth games; some State Cup games are going on now.

    1. Go to

    2. Chose identity "1271 - CNRA - Official - California North Referee Association"

    3. Click on "Courses" under the Main Menu on the left side of the screen

    4. Click "Referees Courses"

    5. Click "Annual USSF Reistration Renewal - Grade 8"

    6. Click on one of the "Course Num" options (such as 11752)

    7. Click "Register For Course"

    8. Review all of your information and make updates as needed. NOTE that Livermore is in the WEST region.

    9. Click "Yes" or "No" to answer the question about felonies

    10. Check the two boxes in the electronic Signatore and enter in the date

    11. Click "SAVE (Add Registration)

    12. Select "Payment Method" and fill in all requested card information

    13. Click the box that you understand the name the charge will be made in

    14. Click "Continue"

    15. Click "Confirm and Charge Credit Card"

    16. Print a copy of the confirmation of payment screen as evident of your registration for the assignors as it takes a while for the CNRA and USSF admistration to update GameOfficials. Your proof of payment is good for now for assignors.

  • Thank you all for your support in one of our busiest years yet, 2014. The 2014 Year End Pizza and Recognition Party was held on Dec 1. The recognitions and election details are available here. Agenda: Spring Season - How to handle Dissent - Application of offside and handling - Tracking your refereeing like a business - LRA updates

  • Want to referees for Livermore? Read the information below for any situation: (1) person looking to become a referee; (2) new or experience referee that is registered for this calendar year and wants to join LRA; or (3) preexisting referee that need to re-register for the current year.

LRA is happy to announce that we have changed software scheduling to GameOfficials, commonly denoted as just "GO". Things are very new for us but we are learning fast. Lower on this page is information on how to join our group.

If you are having issues with GameOfficials as a system, please refer to the support and help links below. We are learning as well and not experts quite yet. If you have issues with the LRA settings, write to

GameOfficals Full Support page (click here)
GameOfficials Help & Tutorials for Officials (click here)


Interested in Refereeing in Livermore?

ALREADY A REFEREE AND WANT TO WORK IN LIVERMORE - If you are a USSF-registered referee and want to referee youth matches in Livermore contact the LRA Referee Assignor indicating your interest and information requested below. Current referee pay is available on this site. Note that LRA will only assign referees what will be at least 13 years old in the Fall season.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "My Assignors" under "Personal Info" on the left side home page
  3. Click on "Show" to the left of "Join New Group"
  4. Enter the information below:
       Group/Assignor Number: 1360
       Group Access Code: LRA
  5. Click "Join Group". A confirmation will be sent once approval has been completed.

NEED TO REGISTER FOR CURRENT YEAR - If you are not currently registered for 2014, you will need to be for games with LRA. To register for 2015, go to and follow the instructions.

REGISTRATION ISSUES - If you are having problems with your registration (such as you think you are registered for 2015 already and the system doesn't show that for us), email the CNRA Registration Administrator listed at State Registrar Administrator CNRA at or call (916) 923-8572.

WANT TO BECOME A REFEREE - If you are interested in becoming a referee, you have to take and pass an official USSF referee class. Classes are usually held in Livermore in August. Livermore classes will be announced here when they are set up, usually in the summer months. To get more information about upcoming Livermore classes or what refereeing is all about, click here.

Why Become a Referee?

  • Fulfillment

    • Personal accomplishment (great reference for college, scholarship or job)

    • A rewarding service for the kids and community

    • Help keep the game safe, fun and fair

    • Become a better coach, player and spectator

  • Fitness

    • Helps you get and stay fit

    • Improve decision-making and self-control

    • Ref matches appropriate for your fitness level

  • Fun

    • Better appreciation of the world's game

    • Experience the game from the best seat in the house

    • Enjoy support and teamwork with fellow referees

  • Flexibility

    • Work at pace/level that is comfortable for you

    • Schedule matches to fit your schedule

    • Earn extra fun money

    • Great part-time job for teens and adults

SIGN UP FOR A REFEREE CLASS - Just follow the steps below to sign up for a referee class. Go to and follow the instructions to get your account.

USSF Referee Registration is Open

Make sure you registered right now! Follow the instructions at We are area 3. The online renewal is called a "course" but it is just the online payment. More in email to follow as news is shared with us. Every registered referee should also be getting emails directly from CNRA.

If you have any registration questions or issue, please contact the CNRA Registrars for the best support. Chris Elliott  (916) 778-8602 or (916) 923-8572 or Mark Bailey  (916) 923-8572   [Click here for more details]


Worried about rain or other possible unsafe conditions? Start your preparation BEFORE game time:

  • Check the weather forecast

  • Review the Thunder and Lightning Policy

  • CAll LARPD Turf line for current field closures 925-373-5702, then press 1

  • Watch for news from the Assignor (email, web site update, twitter)

  • As always, the referee has the final decision on the field if condition are unsafe at any time. If there is any doubt, err on the safety and abandon the game letting the teams know why. Record the events in the game report.


Feedback is already reviewed and acted upon as appropriate. If you have feedback on the Livermore Referee Association or any of our referees, please send an email to the LRA Vice President at

If your feedback is on a particular referee or incident, please be factual, as complete as you can and include dates, times, location, and anything else that will help us understand the situation quickly and be timely in our response. For your convenience, you can also use our online form at

We are here to assist you. Contact the following people with your questions and feedback. Click on any of the names shown above to send an email message to that person.

Steering Committee 

Appointed Support Team


Gary Lazar

Referee Assignor(s)

Elieen Lazar

Vice President & League Liaison

Aaron Wilker

Mentor Coordinator

Gary Lazar


Brent Koch

Youth Referee Representatives

Brianna Lima

Secretary and Instruction Coordinator

Kris Cowles

Web master

Aaron Moreno



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Livermore Referees

About Livermore Referee Association

Membership in the Livermore Referee Association is open to all persons in the community who earn and maintain their status as a USSF-registered referee. Learn more about us

Leagues of Interest:

Fusion Soccer Club (youth)

West Coast Soccer Club

Women's Professional Soccer League (WPSL) has two local teams in Livermore West Coast Wildkatz and Dublin Breeze.

Men's National Team (MNT)

Women's National Team (WMT)


Other helpful Links:

Laws Of The Game

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Ask A Referee (USSF)

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For The Integrity of Soccer (Bob Evans)

FIFA World Cup



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